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Go Virtual For Real Benefits

Businesses can’t afford to limit their growth, but expanding traditional infrastructure is often too costly to consider. You’re paying to power, cool and house traditional hardware, and more machines mean taking up more resources and more space. Through the use of virtual servers, desktops and applications, you not only increase the level of your operations, but you also reduce costs. The truth is, much of your processing can be distributed into the cloud, and that not only keeps costs down, but it’s simpler and more efficient. Virtual servers are more easily monitored and can by migrated with no interruption in service. ProActive IT can help you transition to a secure and dynamic environment. There are many kinds of virtualization, and we’ll work with you to find solutions that meet your unique needs.

Real Benefits

  • Use fewer resources
  • Lower costs
  • Secure configuration
  • Expert deployment
  • Increase hardware mobility
  • Lower hardware requirements
  • Multiple operating systems
  • Improved backup and recovery
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • 100% Satisfaction, guaranteed

All For You

We help small and medium businesses enjoy the benefits of new technology without compromising their security. Virtualization services can greatly lower operating costs and free up resources locked into maintaining old hardware and software. Being more connected doesn’t have to mean being more vulnerable to threats. We provide the network security expertise to mitigate the risks of this new frontier. Let ProActive IT empower your productivity and propel your growth.

Who We Are

We are IT specialists with 20 years of experience supporting businesses. We are honest, hard-working and reliable partners with the know-how to keep your networks running smoothly. Our services provide business owners with the expertise needed to install, support and upgrade their IT systems, leverage cloud technologies, and proactively monitor and manage their operation on a day-to-day basis.

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