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Total Asset Management

Smart Selection Of Every Component For The Best Fit


The Right Choice At The Perfect Time

Smart management of your hardware and software assets will save your business money in the short and long term. Choosing the right hardware, meeting requirements for new software, when to scale up, when to switch vendors and how to best dispose of old machines–these are all important decisions. ProActive IT can help you manage and support the entire lifecycle of your assets, from procurement and setup, to upgrades, repairs and ultimately retirement. We’ve got the right experience, we partner with most major IT product providers and we keep our certifications up-to-date. This means we can give you expert recommendations, find you the best prices on new equipment and provide qualified service to support everything in your network. We’ll make sure each component is secure, and works efficiently as part of the whole.

We Help You

We are devoted allies to small and medium businesses. If you’re holding off on upgrading, integrating or fully utilizing new technology, we want to help. We provide the expertise in every aspect of IT asset management. We’ll make sure you get the best hardware and software, and we’ll tailor our recommendations to your needs. You’ll find a reliable partner in ProActive IT, let us empower your productivity and propel your growth.

Get The Benefits

  • Lower costs
  • High ROI
  • Certified partnerships
  • Procurement, deployment
  • Upgrades and service
  • Performance optimization
  • Data security
  • Expert support
  • Training
  • 100% Satisfaction, guaranteed

Who We Are

We are IT specialists with 20 years of experience supporting businesses. We are honest, hard-working and reliable partners forging long term relationships. Our services provide business owners with the expertise needed to install, support and upgrade their IT systems, leverage cloud technologies, and proactively monitor and manage their operation on a day-to-day basis.

We’re Here To Support You

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